The Soul Seach Book


Merging New Thought philosophies with Ancient Wisdom traditions to bring you a full transformational experience

  • A simple, step-by-step process that will change your life forever
  • Stories that are funny, inspirational and full of powerful life lessons
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Combine the power of the card deck with the book for maximum impact and life changing results.

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The Soul Search Truth-Seeking Card Deck


The perfect companion to the Soul Search Book!

  •  Use these cards to manifest your vision, work through a problem or achieve a goal
  • One side is a beautiful card deck
  • The other side transports you into the the truth that lies deep within your soul
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  • Tax, Shipping & a Surprise Gift Included!

the Soulsearch is truly a Magic Formuls for your prosperity!
    - Reverend Cathy Norman, Unity Church of Ventura